Macha Zambia on BBC News

The video shows an 8 min BBC documentary on the developments in Macha, rural Zambia.

One of the community leaders, Fred Mweetwa of Macha Works, shares how IT accessibility serves the community in rural area.

Ugo Vallauri:
“It is possibly the most successful project I have come across during my research over the past several years. Everywhere I visited across Africa I have noticed that, the moment that donor funding at the base of most projects is running out, the projects will be dead the day after”.

What made the difference here? The way IT facilities are introduced and carried by the community itself, taking slow steps and searching for affordable solutions to sustain the facilities.

Two interesting facts are:
– Spiral Dynamics integral was used in support and research of the community developing
– The first computers for Macha were delivered by Dr. Hillar Addo, currently a member of the Council of Elders of PAMEPI’s School for All project in Ghana.

About Alain B. Volz

Alain Volz M.Sc. (1969) - Social Economy Entrepreneur, founder and director of ATMA - has studied Business Administration and Organizational Psychology. He started his career with Royal Dutch Ahold and has worked with IPMMC and TC&O. For 10 years Alain has been working with Twynstra Gudde Consultants and Managers as senior consultant Human Talent & Change Management. He was responsible for Competency Based Human Talent Management. He is co-founder of the Center for Human Emergence in the Netherlands (CHE), a former member of the CHE alignment circle and founding director of CHE School of Synnervation (currently Synnervate). In 2011 he held the position of partner with the RnR Group in Maarn. Alain is Strategy & Alignment Officer at Dipaliya Women's Association in Tamale, Ghana. In the Netherlands he is board member of the committee for the position of women and minorities in the Dutch Democratic Party (D66 Thema Afdeling V/M Sociale Innovatie). As such he represented D66 in the PVO; a cross party National committee consisting of represents from 6 different political parties (CDA, CU, D66, Groen Links, PvdA, VVD). The office of ATMA is located at the ImpactHub Amsterdam & the ImpactHub Accra.
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